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Juicebox enables the creators of tomorrow to launch, fund and manage the boldest projects on the internet.

Our mission

To connect 1,000,000 creators to 100,000,000 contributors to raise $1,000,000,000, whilst putting Juicebox into the hands of our community - sharing our success with the people that matter.

We are here
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About the protocol

Juicebox is an open-source protocol that is transparent, community-owned, and built on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Open source
  • Community-owned
  • 100% transparent
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Juicebox DAO

JuiceboxDAO is a community of passionate builders, creators, and innovators working together to push the boundaries of decentralized funding. Using the Juicebox protocol, we've created a DAO to coordinate thousands of JBX holders, build in the open, and govern the protocol over time.

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What do we value?

Everything we do is to ensure that Juicebox is trustworthy.
We do everything in the light, for everyone to see.
A platform you can rely on, 100% of the time.
Making it fun & exciting to discover, launch and manage projects.
Juicebox is built for the people, by the people.
A platform without limits, just the way you like it.

Built by the best

Huge shoutout to the epic team of people that help build Juicebox and keep the dream alive.

Interested in becoming a JuiceboxDAO contributor?

We're always looking for talented people to join the DAO and help build Juicebox. Hit the button below to find out more.

Find out more about us

Still have questions or want to know more about us? Jump into our Discord and come say hello.