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How StudioDAO is building the first million person movie studio on Juicebox.

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StudioDAO is a decentralized movie studio flipping the script on how films get funded. By combining the power of collective action with NFTs tied to programmable treasuries, StudioDAO gives audiences a platform to vote on which films they want to fund and watch while giving filmmakers new opportunities to get their projects funded.

Project configuration

Locked (28 days)
30 days
Limited (100 ETH)
Token issuance rate:
800,000 (+ 200,000 reserved) STUDIO/ETH
Reserved rate:
Issuance reduction rate:
Redemption rate:
Owner token minting:
Edit deadline:
3-day deadline

StudioDAO's project settings are designed to maximize trust with locked 28-day cycles, limited payouts, and a 3-day edit deadline. 20% of newly minted tokens are reserved for the DAO wallet and issuance will decrease by 5% each cycle. StudioDAO also leverages tiered NFT rewards to create incentives for supporters with benefits like private screenings, governance votes to decide which new films to fund, and screen credits.

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Since launching in November 2022 StudioDAO has raised nearly 50 ETH and is gearing up to launch their first film *Ticket to Space*, the first DAO documentary about MoonDAO sending DAO member Yan Kejun to space on a Blue Origin rocket. MoonDAO has recently voted to donate $100,000 to help fund the film's production. To learn more about the Ticket to Space documentary, listen to episode 22 of the Juicebox podcast featuring a roundtable discussion with director Fernando Urdapilleta, producer Susie Conley, MoonDAO co-founder Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz, and StudioDAO co-founders Kenny Miller and Rachel Leventhal:


Using crowdfunding platforms for films has been around for a while, but Juicebox adds an extra layer of transparency to the process, allowing fans to see where funds are going. Unlike traditional models where money is controlled behind the scenes, StudioDAO members source, vote, fund, and distribute movies transparently using the treasury while creators retain 100% of their creative control and ownership. With the entertainment market currently valued at two trillion dollars, StudioDAO founder Kenny Miller can see a “clear scenario for a decentralized studio to do one billion dollars of production 2-3 years from now.” To learn more about Kenny's vision for StudioDAO, listen to episode 9 of the Juicecast: